DJ 2Kind
DJ 2Kind
DJ 2Kind brings you his unique blend of Old Skool RnB and New Skool Classics every Sunday Night from 6pm
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DJ 2Kind
Episode #78
1hr 59min
Broadcast: Sun 1st Oct 17:59
Available for 25 days 10hr 2min
DJ 2Kind
Episode #77
2hr 1sec
Broadcast: Sun 24th Sep 17:59
Available for 18 days 11hr 2min
DJ 2Kind
Episode #76
1hr 58min
Broadcast: Sun 17th Sep 18:01
Available for 11 days 11hr 3min
DJ 2Kind
Episode #75
2hr 20sec
Broadcast: Sun 10th Sep 18:00
Available for 4 days 11hr 3min